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Plans and Reports

For historical reports not listed here, please contact OBGMA staff at

Groundwater Sustainability Plan 

The Final Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) prepared in compliance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) was submitted to the California Department of Water Resources in January 2022. The GSP was approved by DWR October 26, 2023.

FINAL GSP_Combined_reduced.pdf
OBGMA Annual Reports 

Annual Reports which OBGMA submits to the California Department of Water Resources are found below. The gap from 2018-2021 is a result of the passage of the Sustainability Groundwater Managment Act (SGMA) and OBGMA's preparation of the Draft Final Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP). The first annual report prepared in compliance with SGMA is for Water Year (WY) 2022.

OBGMA Annual Report 4-002_WY_2023.pdfOBGMA Annual Report 4-002_WY_2022.pdfOBGMA-Annual-Report-2017-18.pdfOBGMA-Annual-Report-2016-17-Final-1.pdfOBGMA_Annual_Report_2012.pdfOBGMA_Annual_Report_2010.pdf
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