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Ordinance 12 - An Ordinance of the Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency to Protect the Southwest Upper Saturated Zone (SWUSZ) from Groundwater Extraction and Depletion 
Ordinance 11: 09/28/17 | An Ordinance Of The Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency Establishing Requirements For Calculation And Billing Of A Wellhead Fee And Groundwater Extraction Charge, Frequency Of Reporting And Payment, And Repeal Of Ordinance No. 9. 
Ordinance 10: 05/28/15 | Establishing the Requirement for Well Owners to Test, Calibrate, Recalibrate, Repair, Replace and Report the Accuracy Results of Flowmeters. 
Ordinance 9: 05/28/15 | Superseding Ordinance 4, and Outlining Changes in Levying Groundwater Extraction Charges. 
Ordinance 8: 04/29/10 | Superseding Ordinance 7, Specifying the Requirements for the New Well Permitting, Notification of Intent to Construct, Registration of Extraction Facilities, Metering, Reporting of Groundwater Extractions, and the Recordation of Wells 
Ordinance 7: 02/26/09 | Superseding Ordinances 1, 2 and 3, Specifying the Requirements for the Notification of Intent to Construct and the Registration of Extraction Facilities, Metering and reporting of Groundwater Extractions and the Recordation of Wells 
Ordinance 6: 08/07/08 | Establishing Policy for Contracting for Professional Consulting Services 
Ordinance 5: 10/17/07 | Requiring a Permit for the Construction and Operation of Groundwater Recharge, Replenishment, Storage and Recapture Projects in the Basin 
Ordinance 4.1: 07/12/95 | Amendment to Ord. 4, Waiving Groundwater Extraction Charges for Certain Small Users 
Ordinance 4: 04/27/95 | Groundwater Extraction Charge 
Ordinance 3: 02/24/94 | Metering Exemption 
Ordinance 2: 12/16/93 | Requiring Notification of An Intent to Construct an Extraction Facility 
Ordinance 1: 04/29/93 | Requiring Registration, Metering and Reporting of Groundwater Extractions 


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