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Invasive pests
• pose an ongoing threat to California agriculture. The site is the online presence of the Hungry Pests coalition. Featured on the Hungry Pests site is information on California's main invasive pests, as well as information on pest control measures, an interactive pest tracker, and a photo and video gallery.

Asian Citrus psyllids
• Recently UC Agriculture and Natural Resources' News and Information group released a video demonstrating for the general public how to detect Asian Citrus psyllids on their garden trees. The video is available here.

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About the Ojai Basin
The Ojai Valley Groundwater Basin is bounded on the west and east by
nonwater-bearing Tertiary age rocks, on the south by the Santa Ana fault and the Sulphur Mountain Range, and Black Mountain and on the north by the Topatopa Mountains. The basin is drained by Thacher and San Antonio Creeks to the Ventura River. Average annual precipitation ranges from 20 to 24 inches.
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